Muswell Hill Synagogue
Bamidbar 26 & 27 May 8.47pm 10.04pm

SERVICE TIMES – 26 May to 3 June 2017

Shabbat – 26/27 May
Starts – 8.47pm
Ends – 10.04pm

Kabalat Shabbat

Shabbat Mincha 
9.00pm – followed by Ma’ariv

Sunday, 28 May
Shacharit – 8.15am – Followed by breakfast

Monday, 29 May
Shacharit – 8.30am

Tuesday, 30 May – Erev Shavuot
Mincha – 7.15pm followed by Ma’ariv
Starts – 8.52pm

Wednesday, 31 May – 1st Day Shavuot
Shacharit – 9.15am
Mincha – 7.00pm followed by Ma’ariv

Thursday, 1 June – 2nd Day Shavuot
Shacharit – 9.15am
Mincha – 9.10pm followed by Ma’ariv
Ends – 10.12pm

Shabbat – 2/3 June
Starts – 8.55pm
Ends – 10.14pm

Kabalat Shabbat

Shabbat Mincha 
9.00pm – followed by Ma’ariv

Rosh Chodesh group

The Rosh Chodesh Group meets at the beginning of each month in the Jewish calendar, usually in people's houses.

It’s an opportunity for women of all ages in the community to get to know one another better whilst discussing a topical subject of Jewish interest, always followed, of course, by delicious refreshments! Usually we have a guest speaker, either a member of Muswell Hill Shul or a visitor, and we welcome suggested topics and speakers. If you haven’t come before, or are new to the shul, or thinking of becoming a member, do come along. Email Judith Devons if you’d like to join our mailing list.

Future meetings – for your diary:


Thursday 27th April, 8:00pm

THE PIANIST OF WILLESDEN LANE – Film showing of orginal theatre production with lots of wonderful music! Refreshments served.
 ‘The Pianist of Willesden Lane’ is a brilliant one-woman play based on the true story of a 14-year-old prodigy pianist named Lisa Jura. In 1938 she boarded a train in Vienna to travel to London. On the station platform her mother bade her farewell, telling her: “Hold on to your music. It will be your best friend.” Minutes later, Lisa was on the Kindertransport – the scheme that saved thousands of Jewish children from the Nazis between 1938 and 1940 – with no idea whether she would ever see her family again. Now her daughter, Mona Golabek, has created a one-woman show, ‘The Pianist of Willesden Lane,’ telling the story of Lisa’s survival and the strength her music brought her throughout her traumatic youth.
Venue: Muswell Hill Synagogue hall – side entrance



Thursday 25th May


Talk and discussion with Dr Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, archeologist, graduate of the LSJS Susi Bradfield Women Educators’ Programme, teacher of biblical subjects and women’s leyning.

Venue: Home of Irene Mansfield


Monday 26th June


Talk and discussion with Rebbetzin Ilana Epstein whose varied international involvements now include the US Living and Learning Team.


Further information:
0757 243 7766



Previous meetings:

FROM CONSULTANCY TO CRIME with novelist Karen Millie-JamesJanuary 2017. 8pm

WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?  Patient Choice and Confidentiality – Talk given by Dr Nicola Marks  

EINSTEIN – THE SCIENTIST AND THE MAN  A talk given by Amalia Michaels


Women’s Shabbat service leyning:

Following the development of the women’s shabbat service, we would like to increase opportunities for women who would like to learn to leyn a part of the sedra.  If you are interested in taking part in a session where you can learn to leyn (open to women and girls) please email Ruth Teacher