Muswell Hill Synagogue
Pinchas 10/11 July 9.02pm 10.18pm

Building Project Update – 8/11/19

In previous communications we promised that we would inform you when the Muswell Hill Synagogue building project gets to its planning stage. We are pleased to announce that we are now at that point. In the next few days we will submit a detailed 27 page planning application to Haringey Council.

Once it has been submitted we will upload the planning document onto our website for community members to look at. By way of preview, it has three key components:

First, it collates all the plans and photos that are up on our website [click here and scroll down to see pictures and plans] and on display in the shul foyer, and updates some of the artists’ impressions.

Second, it describes the main features of the project, detailing how we propose to:

• Extend and improve the secure perimeter line to the full extent of the building
• Provide a new main entrance to include a security office
• Provide additional landscaping to the front of the building
• Enlarge the existing side entrance
• Reorganise the ground floor to provide greater flexibility
• Refurbish the 3 main spaces (Main shul, Beit Hamidrash and the function room
• Reorganise the nursery playspace and parking area
• Improve the heating, lighting and ventilation as necessary

Third, it provides more detail on those elements of the scheme that are specifically subject to planning oversight. These are the security fence and the main entrance. The design concept of the main entrance and security office is outlined. The design is sympathetic to the existing structure of the shul, while providing clear visual interest. The document contains a fresh artist’s impression of the front of the building which is especially striking, showing a bright and welcoming entrance.

Moving to the planning stage is a big milestone for the project, but there is much still to be done. Assuming we get approval, we then need to develop a full concept design which will include input from specialist professionals. After that we move into the technical design, tendering and construction phases.

In addition, we are still raising funds. Thanks to the generosity of over 80 families within the community we have raised £525,000 out of our target of £600,000. That leaves £75,000 to go. We urge members who have not yet made a contribution to join those who have. The fundraising team can be reached on or via the shul office. 

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