Muswell Hill Synagogue
Tzav 22/23 March 2019 6.02pm 7.06pm
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Film Club

We are pleased to announce the first six months of the Muswell Hill Synagogue Film Club!

Our next screening (24th June) will continue with Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller: Strangers on a Train

Bruno Anthony thinks he has the perfect plot to rid himself of his hated father and when he meets tennis player Guy Haines on a train, he thinks he’s found the partner he needs to pull it off. His plan is relatively simple. Two strangers each agree to kill someone the other person wants disposed of. For example, Guy could kill his father and he could get rid of Guy’s wife Miriam, freeing him to marry Anne Morton, the beautiful daughter of a U.S. Senator. Guy dismisses it all out of hand but Bruno goes ahead with his half of the ‘bargain’ and disposes of Miriam. When Guy balks, Bruno makes it quite clear that he will plant evidence to implicate Guy in her murder if he doesn’t get rid of his father. Guy had also made some unfortunate statements about Miriam after she had refused him a divorce. It all leads the police to believe Guy is responsible for the murder, forcing him to deal with Bruno’s mad ravings.

The evening will start with a short presentation from Stephen Brown to frame the film.  This will be followed by the screening and then a discussion, led by Stephen, about themes and issues raised in the film.

Cinema refreshments (food and drink) will be available throughout the evening!  £3.00 suggested donation cover costs of refreshments.

Full Schedule below:

Dates Film Discussion led by:
25th February Au Revoir les Enfants (French) – Postponed Toni Marcus
18th March The Lemon Tree Rabbi David Mason
22nd April Ben Gurion, Epilogue (Israeli) Eli Gaventa
13th May Lebanon (Israeli) Estelle Green
24th June Strangers on a Train (Hitchcock) Stephen Brown
15th July A Day at the Races (Marx Brothers) Stephen Brown