Muswell Hill Synagogue
Metzora 12/13 April 2019 7.38pm 8.43pm
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The Last Oneg of the Season!

The last Oneg Shabbat talk of 2018 will be given by Bracha Games, lately returned from Nairobi after a stay of two months.

Bracha will cleverly interweave her experience of Kenya with thoughts of the week’s Sedra – Vayigash.

Our hosts are Monica and Ron Bensimon.  Please arrive around 8pm, so we can start on time at 8.15.  There will be drinks and refreshments afterwards.

Please indicate if you’re likely to be coming by emailing Stephen Games ().

Thank you!


Friday, 19 October at the home of Robert and Toni Marcus when Robert spoke about the Sedrah of the week, Lech Lecha.