Muswell Hill Synagogue
Beha'alotecha 21/22 June 2019 9.07pm 10.28pm
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Oneg Shabbat March

The last in this year’s amazing five-session Oneg Shabbat season will be given by Dr Margaret Brearley on Friday 9 March.

The sedrah next day will be the double parshah of Veyakel-Pekudey, but Margaret will be talking instead about the haftorah. That’s a complicated issue, given that Veyakel and Pekudey both have their own haftorot, which are in any case different for Ashkenazim and Sephardim, and that we won’t be reading either because it’s Shabbat Parah, which has its own haftorah (as does Shabbat HaChodesh, which also sometimes coincides with this double sedrah, but not this year). Very tricky!

The evening will be hosted by Stephen and Bracha Games, who will be providing refreshments after the talk. Their address is 12 Wellfield Avenue, N10 2EA.

NOTE: The start time will be slightly later than usual – 8.30 – to allow for the later start of Shabbat.