Muswell Hill Synagogue
Beha'alotecha 21/22 June 2019 9.07pm 10.28pm
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Scholar in Residence – Rabbi Shalom Hammer




Scholar in Residence 
Rabbi Shalom Hammer, 11 – 12th January, 2019

Rabbi Hammer will be joining our community for an inspirational Shabbat called, “Peoplehood of Israel”. He will be speaking at:

Oneg Shabbat at Family Simon, 11th January at 8pm

33 Tetherdown, Muswell Hill, N10

Israel’s struggle for survival and vision of continuity

This is a free of charge event.


After a cholent and kugle kiddish Shabbat morning

The awakening of Jewish Identity in Israel


Maariv, Havdallah & Talk at Family Sher, 5.20pm

22 Beech Avenue, Muswell Hill, N2 9NY

Jewish Heroism. Mind & Matter.

This is a free of charge event.


He serves as a senior lecturer for the IDF and founder of Makom Meshutaf, an organisation that offers lectures throughout Israel on Judaism to Kibbutzim. He’s also contributing editor for the Jerusalem post and author of four books and a renowned lecturer for communities throughout the diaspora.