Muswell Hill Synagogue
Haazinu 11/12 October 2019 6.02pm 7.01pm
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Shabbat on the Hill: Ambassador Yitzchak Mayer – Cancelled

This event has been cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions.

The Ambassador will be speaking about his newly published book: Silent Letter.

Written by Yitzchak Mayer in the voice of his mother, the book is an introspective, lyrical letter to her missing husband, the novel begins one night in January 1943, when Roszy’s husband Moritz, a member of the French Resistance, is hauled away by the Gestapo in Marseilles. Roszy is left alone and seven months pregnant with their two sons, Erwin (the author, Yitzchak Mayer) and Jackie. Unable to locate her husband, who later will die in Auschwitz, Roszy decides to escape from Nazi-occupied France to Switzerland. Read more about the book.

About Yitzchak Mayer

Ambassador Yitzchak Mayer is a unique thinker and respected, Israeli public figure. An educator, diplomat, commentator, and author, he is a man of diverse interests and far-reaching accomplishments.

Ambassador Mayer has been a trailblazer in the field of public education in Israel. For eighteen years, he was Director of the Yemin Orde Youth Village, a home, school, and safe haven for immigrant and at-risk teens, where he developed a pedagogical approach that embraced Jewish tradition, humanism, and the arts. Later, he served in prominent positions within key educational institutions.

Ambassador Mayer began his diplomatic career in 1979 as Israel’s Consul General in Zurich. He went on to serve as Israel’s Consul General in Montreal (1980-1983), Israel’s Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg (1991-1995), and its Ambassador to Switzerland (1997-2000).