Muswell Hill Synagogue
Pinchas 10/11 July 9.02pm 10.18pm
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Top of the Hill – Events up to April 2020

Dates up to April 2020

March 11 – Richard Goldwater – Probate: All You Need to Know Before it is Too Late

March 25 – Toni Marcus: Film and Discussion – La Femme á Côté

April 1 – Day Trip to Tonbridge Wells and then Tudeley Church to see the Chagall Windows. Arrangements still to be finalised

Pesach 8-16th April incl.

April 22 – Prof. Adrian Lister – Jews and the Dinosaur Question

All meetings start at 2:30 p.m. in the shul hall. Refreshments will be provided and there is an admission charge of £5 each.  The meetings will finish at 5:00 p.m.

Please bring donations for the Muswell Hill Food Bank and Soup Kitchen. Collection bins are in the vestibule, opposite the cloakroom

If you know someone who would like to attend ToTH meetings and cannot get to and from the shul under their own steam, or for who the cost would be difficult, please contact BEVERLEY GIESSING 07956 779 890


  • Patrick Moriarty, Head of JCoSS – The Four JCs in My Life
  • Commodore John Harris – My Experiences as a Cold War Submariner
  • Mike Freer Talk – “The State of Politics Today”
  • Private Guided Tour of Westminster Abbey
  • Michael Kushner – Jews of Bletchley Park
  • Arthur Harverd Compensation Schemes for Victims of Nazi Persecution
  • Why the Jews? – An EXTRA Meeting – A film show 
  • Vivi Lachs Whitechapel Noise:   Politics, Sex and religion on the streets of London’s East End 1884-1914
  • Bletchley Park   A day’s visit by coach to the home of the code-breakers
  • Jon Brodkin It Ain’t ‘alf ‘ot, Mum  Discussion on Climate Change
  •  Sir Erich ReichThe Boy in the Statue’   Erich is a Kindertransport child.  He is a Trustee of the Association of Jewish Refugees and Head of the Kindertransport Group.
  • Au Revoir Les Enfants Introduced by Toni Marcus
    A film about events at a French orphanage during the Second World War, by Louis Malle, based on his life story.
  • Steven Feldman, Mapping Israel from Prehistory to Today’
  • Martin Stone:           Food Banks, Soup Kitchens and Economics
  • Henry Fabian:        ‘New Intelligence’
  • Mildred Levison:   The East End of London – Childhood Memories, Housing and Immigration
  • GUIDED Visit to the Czech Memorial Scrolls Museum, Meet at 1415hrs. Kent House, Rutland Gardens, Knightsbridge.The Story of the rescue of 1,564 Czech Scrolls by Westminster Synagogue, which arrived at Kent House in February 1964, has passed into history as a small but remarkable episode in the tragedy of European Jewry. The permanent exhibition which was established in 1988, tells the unique story of the arrival from Prague in 1964 of 1,564 Torah Scrolls and of their restoration and distribution to communities throughout the world. The exhibits include some of these Scrolls, a display of remarkable Torah Binders, some of which date from the 18th century, and other moving reminders of the vanished communities of Bohemia and MoraviaDavid Lawson will be our guide for the visit and he will also tell us, briefly, about the Ostrava Scroll held by Kingston Synagogue and how it came from Ostrava to Kingston.There is a charge of £5 each, which goes to the Scrolls Museum. Please sign up with Janet Goodman (email:  EncodedSuccessfully Encoded or tel:  07746 373118) to join the trip.
  • Dame Helen Hyde ‘Why I do what I do’
    Formerly Headteacher of Watford Grammar School for Girls.  Helen is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Imperial War Museum. She is a Trustee of the Holocaust Education Trust, an advisor to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, and Patron of the Rwandan Sisterhood working with survivors of the genocide and deprived women in Kigali, and the Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg.
  • Stephen Horne ‘Are You Being Served – Harrods’s Style’
    Stephen was Chief Executive of Friends of the Weizmann, under Lord Sieff and then spent many years working in Harrods. Now is your chance to learn what goes on behind the lights and the shiny façade.
  • DAY TRIP TO CAMBRIDGE, Cairo Geniza Exhibition
  • Stephen Frosh Freud’s journey to England: Rescue and Resistance