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Our food and Kashrut policies

Dear all,

As our community grows and we are in the fortunate position that many new members have joined us in the last few years, we have reached a place where we need to formalise some of our procedures and create policies for how things operate at Muswell Hill Shul.
With more groups of people using the kitchen and lots of events being arranged at shul which involve food, we have developed a food policy and formalised our kashrut policy.

The food policy sets out that our aim to provide healthy food for events at the shul and to avoid over use of salt, sugar, fatty foods and fizzy drinks. We also want to avoid waste in the purchasing of food as any left over fresh or cooked food has to be thrown away after it has been left out at a kiddush.

The policy can be seen here.

If you are planning a Kiddush to mark a family simcha, then please ensure you have read the policy and have received the guide from the shul office as to what items to buy depending on how many guests you are expecting. We strongly encourage hosts to follow the guidance, as these are quantities that experience has shown to be appropriate. If you are planning anything beyond what is on this list, you need to let the office know and may need to arrange privately for extra help in the kitchen if your requests are beyond what can be reasonably expected of the volunteers who kindly prepare our kiddushim.

If you are using the kitchen for any event, then please make sure you have looked at the Kashrut policy which can be found here on the website

You must discuss your event with the office and with the Rabbi well in advance of the event. We have a board member, Linda Cohen, responsible for food who would be happy to discuss your event with you and give you any advice.

Best wishes to all and thanks to all of those who put on wonderful events for the community with delicious food which is such a great part of being a Jewish community.


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