Muswell Hill Synagogue
Shabbat Shemot 8/9 January 3.55pm 5.05pm

MHS 2020

Building the future of our community:

Muswell Hill Synagogue community is a vital part of the United Synagogue family of communities. We represent a modern and invaluable representation of what the rabbis of the Talmud meant when they wed together Torah and derech eretz, or worldliness.

I believe that we have built a strong basis for a new pioneering spirit within our community which will work towards creating a synagogue building that will match our growing needs and attract young families and individuals to become part of the community. The potential is there for us to continue our growth.

So, just as more than 50 years ago, local Jewish people got together and raised money to build a synagogue and community centre, we have an amazing opportunity now to work towards a synagogue building that will work in the 21st century to provide a sustaining basis for our modern and orthodox community.

Rabbi David Mason

50 years on and our building is in need of upgrading and remodelling. It is the turn of this community to invest in its future.

We want to share with you our vision to remodel the current building, improving and enhancing the space that we have.

A phased programme of works creating modern flexible spaces that will be adaptable to meet current and future needs. 

The programme will be phased to ensure we can keep the synagogue operating during the works programme. Completion of all phases will be dependent on our ability to raise sufficient funds.


The 7 phases of building works 

A new Bet HaMidrash

Create a flexible larger Bet HaMidrash to support additional minyamin, study and communal activities

This area will be enlarged to include the current Bet along with the board room and existing corridor to create a large, light space. Seating will not be fixed to ensure the room can accommodate a range of activities and services. The area will have a flexible partition wall to create two smaller rooms, when required.

Renovation of the existing hall

The hall is in need of substantial renovation, the partition walls into the main synagogue are no longer operational.

The new space will include sound proofed partitions, refurbishment of the space and the installation of a new audio visual system to create a space that can support a range of communal activities including kiddushim, functions, performances and study. The room could be used as one large space or partitioned to create 3 smaller areas. We will also have the ability to open this space into the main synagogue area. 

A new main entrance area for the synagogue

The current entrance area is cold and unwelcoming. The new entrance will create a warm and welcoming feel for visitors entering the synagogue. This space will also be used for exhibitions and as part of larger communal events.

The redevelopment of the space behind the women’s gallery

This current space is underutilised and is in desperate need of a revamp if we are to bring it to life again. The works will create a new sound insulated area that can be used for children’s services and provide, thanks to new partitions two high quality class room spaces.

An upgrade of the kitchen

The current kitchen is functional but old and in need of modernisation. This phase of the works will see the kitchen transformed into a modern cooking area that will support internal events, activities such as the cooking club, providing food to members of the community in need and will be better suited to externally-catered functions.

Redesign of the side entrance

The current side entrance, is the main entrance used by most children, parents, staff and visitors to enter the shul during the week. It is neither welcoming nor is it accessible to wheelchairs and buggies. The new entrance will be accessible and provide a more welcoming aspect for day to day visitors to the synagogue and nursery.

Roof top play area

The current car park is also used as a play area for the nursery and cheder. It is not an ideal space for children and it restricts access to the car park for staff and visitors. We want to create a roof top play ground with direct access from the nursery area.

Funding the proposed works

The total cost of proposed works is estimated to be between £600,000 and £800,000.

How will this be funded?

  • There will be a combination of funds raised by the community as donations and help from the United Synagogue. The details will be worked out once we have a firm idea of the costings and the level of support from the community.

Has any funding been raised to date?

  • Yes! To date, we have pledges in excess of £200,000.
  • If you would like to pledge some money to the building project please contact the fundraising team by calling the synagogue office or emailing

What if all this funding can’t be raised?

  • We are confident that, with your support, we will meet our target. The phased approach of this project will mean we can match our expenditure with the funds raised.

How can I have my say about the proposed development works?

  • Nothing is set in stone yet. Plans are still being discussed and developed. Members of the community will have several opportunities to contribute towards these plans. The next meeting will be at the AGM on 7th May, if you are unable to attend but would like to share your views you can email