Muswell Hill Synagogue
Metzora 12/13 April 2019 7.38pm 8.43pm

Welcome to Beth Franks, our new Community Events Coordinator

Hi, my name is Beth Franks and I am your new Community Events Coordinator.

I’ve lived in Edgware for 20 years and previous to that in Telzstone, Jerusalem where I met my husband Stephen who was studying in yeshiva with Rabbi Mason at the time! He’s a dentist which is ironic because I can’t stand them!

We are blessed with three children, Naftoli (15) currently living with us and studying at Hasmonean. Ashira (18) who has just gone to study in Michlalah College in Jerusalem and Pesach (who incidentally was not born on Pesach)! He’s doing an apprenticeship in graphic design in Manchester. Since two of our kids have flown the nest I thought things would be a little quieter, little did I know that we would be invaded with the chirp of crickets and cockroaches being fed to our new family members, the lizards! Along with 2 toads, 2 Hamsters and snails! I definitely get “ Mummy of the year award!!”

For many years I have enjoyed working in the Jewish community with a small detour into floristry. My most recent job was working for PAL (Phone and Learn), setting up partnerships for people to study Jewish topics together by phone. I am also a trained Doula (Birth Coach) and volunteer in the Jewish community.

Whilst working for such a well established and lively community is a little daunting, however I am looking forward to delivering some interesting, fun, engaging and possibly thought provoking events! Whilst supporting you in any way I can with established programmes.

I will be at the Shul Monday to Wednesday and would love to meet with you or to hear from you if you have any suggestions for events that you think would be enjoyed by the community or if you would like to volunteer to help with events in the future.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.

I wish the entire community a good and healthy year.

I can be reached on 07341001760    Or email me at: .

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