Muswell Hill Synagogue
Balak 19/20 July 2019 8.53pm 10.06pm

A celebration of 10 years of Rabbi David and Muswell Hill.

Yesterday we had a wonderful Shabbat celebrating Rabbi David and Elisheva’s 10 year anniversary in Muswell Hill. I thought you may all like to read the Chief Rabbi’s message again and enjoy the book that we put together for Rabbi David which you can see the online here

Unfortunately due to the weather the Chief Rabbi couldn’t join us but he sent the following message;

I am so sorry that, despite my best intentions, weather conditions will prevent me from being able to be in Muswell Hill on Shabbat to celebrate 10 glorious years of spiritual leadership by Rabbi and Rebbetzen Mason.

There is no doubt: Rabbi Mason is one of the great stars of the British Jewish community. He is a warm, caring and devoted pastoral Rabbi, with a lovely, hospitable Rebbetzen and a wonderful family.

In addition, Rabbi Mason is, in the words of our Sages, a ‘Nachshon’. This is the Torah’s term for a trailblazer. He has passionately led from the front in interfaith activity, social responsibility and environmental issues. Rabbi Mason lives up to the words we say in the Haftarah blessings – he is ‘omer ve’oseh’, a person who translates his ambitious aspirations into impressive action.

For me, as Chief Rabbi, I derive so much nachas form hearing about Rabbi and Rebbetzen Mason’s legendary accomplishments. What they do comes from the heart and makes a most wonderful impression on the hearts and minds of others.

The Muswell Hill community has been blessed over the past 10 years to benefit from the guidance and inspiration of the Masons. With an outstanding partnership of religious and lay leadership, the community is today one of the great congregations of the United Synagogue.

After this weekend, I will arrange for my Office to get in touch with your community to set a new date for a Shabbat visit by me to Muswell Hill. I look forward to that opportunity, when I will be able to convey these sentiments in person.

I hope that you have a very memorable Shabbat. May Rabbi and Rebbetzen Mason and the Muswell Hill community only go from strength to added strength in the future.
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

This Shabbat was a lovely occasion. Just one of many enjoyable events we’ve experienced recently as a community. From the packed hall listening rapt to Rami Sherman describing his first hand experience as part of the raid on Entebbe, to the hugely fun Burns Night we had last week, the shul calendar is busy at the moment with a huge variety of events for all members.

Next week we have a chance to come together again as a community to remember Maureen Kendlar as we reach the one year anniversary of her untimely death. We are joined by a great speaker in Judy Klitsner who will be joining us for Friday night dinner and shul on Shabbat to speak to the community. Find out more about that event and all the other events going on in the community here.

If you have any ideas for events, or would like to get involved in helping with Shabbat UK or other future events, don’t hesitate to 

Have a great week

Chair of Muswell Hill Shul.

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