Muswell Hill Synagogue
Pinchas 10/11 July 9.02pm 10.18pm


  • Re-opening the Shul – Important Announcement

    Dear Members
    For nearly three months now we haven’t met together as a community in person and we know how difficult this has been for many, partic
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  • Other news


    Below is a continued update from the United Synagogue that we are passing on to you, the community. This will reinforce and add to advice w… read more
  • Amended Pledge Card

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  • Yitro

    When Rabbi David asked me if I would take Yitro this evening, the responsibility to cover the Ten Commandments in 2 minutes felt too great a task.… read more
  • Beshalach

    I am connected to the sedra of Bashalach not through a birthday or an important life event but through a film: Cecile Demille’s “The Ten Commandm… read more
  • Va’yeshev

    Quick summary

    Va’yeshev is the beginning of the Joseph story, he is 17 years old and Jacob’s favourite – so his brothers hated him. 1st dream– br… read more
    Dear Members,
    The Muswell Hill Synagogue building project reached a significant milestone l
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  • Vayetze

    Vayetze, the 7th sedra in Bereshit, covers a timespan of 20 years and many familiar themes in the development of the Jewish family: love, decept… read more
  • Toldot

    Two nations waged war in Rivka’s womb Try as she might, it was not under stood Rivka asked of HaShem, what can this mean The answer,  &… read more
  • Vayera

    In this Parshah we read the account of Isaac’s birth, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, the story of Lot, Hagar’s exile and the Akeida “… read more