Muswell Hill Synagogue
Emor 17/18 May 8.35pm 9.49pm

Children’s Services

Join us on the first Shabbat of every month for a range of Children's Services for all ages! There is something for everyone at Muswell Hill Synagogue!

Shabbat Services

(Usually on 1st Shabbat of the month, unless otherwise specified)



Shabbat 2nd November 2019

Shabbat 7th December 2019

Shabbat 11th January 2020

Shabbat 1st February 2020

Shabbat 7th March 2020

Shabbat 4th April 2020


Toddlers and children under 7 years

Fancy a bit of dancing with the Torah, singing with Shabbat candles, the Shema action song and a quiz or game relevant to the Parasha? Something for everyone if you’re under 7!

Time: 11:00

Place: The Bet Midrash

Children’s Service – 7 years and over

This is a more developed service often using Siddurim and including an activity.  If you like to debate and discuss issues this one’s for you.

Time: 11:00

Place: The Library (ground floor at the back of the building, opp the Kitchen)

Shabbat Club (Years 5, 6 and 7)

Shabbat Club is not an ordinary children’s service!  It is structured around games and activities related to the week’s Parasha in a fun and interactive way.  In addition, the children decide on the theme of their Kiddushim so they have something specific to look forward to next time they come to MHS.  Last year they chose ice-cream sundaes, fruit kebabs, jelly, gummy sushi and crisps themed Kiddushim.  The children look forward very much to this part of the Shabbat Club.

For more information contact the Shul Office.