Muswell Hill Synagogue
Emor 17/18 May 8.35pm 9.49pm


Rishon Cheder @ MHS


Rishon Cheder @ MHS


At Rishon our aim is to inspire every student with an enjoyable and positive Jewish and Hebrew learning experience each week. We incorporate the Jewish themes into everyday life subjects, so the children can consider them day to day.

Rishon is led by Simon Salter. With a team of enthusiastic teachers who, together with assistants drawn from the young people in the community, bring a wealth of experience and energy to their roles. We use all types of creative resources to produce arts activities, we bake, we act out, all in line with the weekly theme. The team are also supported by our wonderful Rabbi and a team of active parent governors.

Rishon is open to both members and non-MHS members.


  • A strong sense of Jewish identity appreciating its values, building a sense of community and belonging
  • Fluency in Hebrew reading and progress in writing as part of a focused curriculum led by dedicated teachers
  • Understanding Jewish festivals and holidays and their significance and associated practices
  • Building lasting friendships and having fun with other children in the Muswell Hill community.


Rishon runs every Sunday during term time from 10:00 to 12:00. A typical Sunday morning includes three core elements:

  • An enjoyable assembly for all students
  • Tailored Hebrew reading and writing – We use the Aleph Champ workbooks and also the New Hebrew Primer. All children are taught in small groups according to their ability.
  • Learning about Jewish identity and values.

An extra activity related to the weekly theme: baking/arts and crafts/acting out


These include learning about forthcoming festivals, world Jewish communities, customs and Jewish history. Weekly emails provide updates on the topics that will be taught.

Further Information

We welcome feedback or questions from existing and future parents.

Please contact: 

Simon Salter – Rishon Coordinator,  or