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Shabbat Parasha Bo 7/8 January 2022 3.54pm 5.04pm

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  1. Our Muswell Hill Mental Health Series

    Comments Off on Our Muswell Hill Mental Health Series This Sunday morning, I and 11 others attended the first part of this year’s Mental Health series organised by Beth our Community Events C… read more
  2. MHS Strategy 2018

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    The aim of this strategy paper is to set the agenda for the next phase of the community’s development as we enter an exciting time in ou… read more
  3. Join our board of management

    Comments Off on Join our board of management We’re always keen for new people to join the Board so if it’s something you’ve been thinking of, please do send in your nomin… read more
  4. Our food and Kashrut policies

    Comments Off on Our food and Kashrut policies Dear all, As our community grows and we are in the fortunate position that many new members have joined us in the last few years, we have reached a p… read more
  5. Our board strategy day

    Comments Off on Our board strategy day On Sunday 5th November the shul board, along with Eli and Rabbi David met to plan our strategy for the coming years including developing the purp… read more
  6. Community Survey 2017

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    A message from our Chair When I became shul chair, my main aim and the thing I have always been passi… read more
  7. Update on the MHS 2020 Building Project

    Comments Off on Update on the MHS 2020 Building Project Dear Friends, You will recall that we wrote to the community in May this year to launch a consultation on the proposed remodelling of the synagog… read more
  8. Great Get Together 2017!

    Comments Off on Great Get Together 2017! On the Shabbat 17th June 2017 Muswell Hill Synagogue took part in the Great Get Together weekend. The synagogue threw open their doors and invit… read more
  9. Financial Report 2016

    Comments Off on Financial Report 2016 At the 2017 AGM Sam Clarke, our Financial Representative, presented a summary of the 2016 accounts with a comparison to the previous year. The k… read more
  10. Meet the new Vice Chairs and wardens

    Comments Off on Meet the new Vice Chairs and wardens We held our first board meeting this week and one of the first decisions was to co-opt the community members who had come forward to join the board… read more