Muswell Hill Synagogue
Shabbat Shemot 8/9 January 3.55pm 5.05pm

Service times

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SERVICE TIMES: 8 – 30 January

Due to current COVID restrictions and a review of guidelines, there will be no Services held until further notice.

Shabbat, 8/9 January

Shabbat begins:  3.55pm
Shabbat ends:  5.05pm

Friday, 8 January
Candlelighting – 3.55pm

Saturday, 9 January – Shemot
Shabbat ends:  5.05pm
Havdallah:  5.30pm

Shabbat, 15/16 January
Shabbat begins:  4.05pm
Shabbat ends:  5.14pm

Friday, 15 January
Candlelighting – 4.05pm

Saturday, 16 January – Vaera
Shabbat ends:  5.14pm
Havdallah:  5.40pm

Shabbat, 22/23 January
Shabbat begins:  4.17pm
Shabbat ends:  5.25pm

Friday, 22 January
Candlelighting – 4.17pm

Saturday, 23 January – Bo
Shabbat ends:  5.25pm
Havdallah:  5.50pm

Shabbat, 29/30 January
Shabbat begins:  4.29pm
Shabbat ends:  5.36pm

Friday, 29 January
Candlelighting – 4.29pm

Saturday, 30 January – Beshalach
Shabbat ends:  5.36pm
Havdallah:  6.00pm

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