Muswell Hill Synagogue
Vaetchanan 23/24 July 8.48pm 10.00pm

Service times

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SERVICE TIMES:  23 July to 5 August

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Shabbat, 23/24 July
Shabbat begins: 8.48pm
Shabbat ends:  10.00pm

Friday, 23 July
Candlelighting:  8.48pm
Kabbalat Shabbat: 7.00pm in the Rabbi’s garden

Saturday, 24 July – Vaetchanan
Shabbat ends:  10.00pm

Sunday, 25 July
Shacharit:   8.30am

Monday, 26 July
Shacharit:  7.15am

Thursday, 29 July
Shacharit:  7.15am

Shabbat, 30/31 July
Shabbat begins: 8.38pm
Shabbat ends:  9.47pm

Friday, 30 July
Candlelighting:  8.38pm
Kabbalat Shabbat:  7.00pm

Saturday, 31 July – Eikev
Shabbat ends:  9.47pm

Sunday, 1 August
Shacharit:  8.30am

Monday,  2 August
Shacharit:  7.15am

Thursday, 5 August
Shacharit:  7.15am