Muswell Hill Synagogue
Terumah 16/17 February 5.02pm 6.06pm

Rosh Chodesh group

The Rosh Chodesh Group meets at the beginning of each month in the Jewish calendar, usually in people's houses.

It’s an opportunity for women of all ages in the community to get to know one another better whilst discussing a topical subject of Jewish interest, always followed, of course, by delicious refreshments! Usually we have a guest speaker, either a member of Muswell Hill Shul or a visitor, and we welcome suggested topics and speakers. If you haven’t come before, or are new to the shul, or thinking of becoming a member, do come along. Email  if you’d like to join our mailing list.

Click on the link below to read Levana – a new US Women venture.


Wednesday 14th February 2018 – 8-10pm

Come to the next meeting of the Muswell Hill Rosh Chodesh Group

All welcome!

THE SACRIFICE OF ESTHER: an in-depth look at Esther’s role in the Purim story

Mimi Meyer has a degree in psychology and is a graduate of Michlala Jerusalem College for Women and the Susie Bradfield Fellowship Programme in London. She has taught life skills and psychology at Hasmonean HS for Girls and the LSJS Bat Mitzvah Programme. She is the wife of Rabbi David Meyer and mother of five children.

Please join us for this treat of an evening, with time for questions,  discussion and of course refreshments!

Venue: Home of Ruth Jampel, 49 Baronsmere Rd N2 9QG

RSVP and further information – email Judith –  – or call her on 0757 243 7766



NESHAMA FESTIVAL –  Motzei Shabbat 27th January 2018

Join us for a uniquely inspiring evening, featuring world-renowned educators and presenters.  The Neshama Festival will offer opportunities to experience Torah through traditional means and through art, film, dance and music – from chavruta learning and shiurim to interactive, creative workshops.  The evening will include a musical Havdalah, a broad choice of breakout sessions, a light dinner with drinks and a concert to conclude.  Full details, booking link and a schedule for the evening can be found by clicking here or on one of the links below.


Neshama Flyer

AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED, WE NOW HAVE A WOMEN’S PAGE IN SHALOM! magazine. Please let me know your ideas for the next issue!!!

Some ideas from an informal discussion of opportunities for empowering women through learning – suggestions below and anything else that you think of. 


1-  We can all gain in Jewish knowledge – individually and/or by forming a study group.

2 – We can improve our level of Hebrew in conversation groups.

3 – We can learn to say kaddish.

4 – We can acquire practical skills for the women’s services, such as leyning and leading davening.

5 – We can bring courses from LSJS (the London School of Jewish Studies).

6 – We can design and publicise a bat mitzvah programme – with booklets for families that incorporate a commitment for the girl that goes beyond the bat mitzvah year – eg reading at least 3 verses at least twice over the following two years.

7 –  We can form a focus group – parents and youth – to find out what they want and how to make it exciting.

8 –  We can create intergenerational learning programme – perhaps including shared films, discussions on moral issues, etc.

9 –  We can have a women’s kaddish co-ordinator for women to offer 5-min communal learning in someone’s memory – as well as kaddish.

10 – We can have a baby blessing co-ordinator for women to write something to say communally.

11 – We can organise women’s readings of Ruth, Shir Hashirim and Kohelet at the appropriate festivals.

12  – YOUR IDEAS……


Previous meetings:


MINDFULNESS:  THE BENEFITS AND PRACTICE – with Jo Kaye, an accredited mindfulness coach

HITLER’S GIFT: THE SCIENTISTS (MOSTLY JEWS) WHO BUILT THE ATOMIC BOMB – More back stories of science from Amalia Michaels

US WOMEN AND ITS RELEVANCE FOR US – November 2017 – Talk and discussion with Co-Chair Jacqui Zinkin and Treasurer Helen Style


FROM CONSULTANCY TO CRIME with novelist Karen Millie-JamesJanuary 2017. 8pm

WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?  Patient Choice and Confidentiality – Talk given by Dr Nicola Marks

EINSTEIN – THE SCIENTIST AND THE MAN  A talk given by Amalia Michaels


Women’s Shabbat service leyning:

Following the development of the women’s shabbat service, we would like to increase opportunities for women who would like to learn to leyn a part of the sedra.  If you are interested in taking part in a session where you can learn to leyn (open to women and girls) please email Ruth Teacher