Muswell Hill Synagogue
Tazria-Metzora 16/17 April 7.44pm 8.51pm

Volunteering at MHS

Get involved at MHS however you can. However much or little time you have and whatever you're interested in, - there's something for you.

There’s so many things at our shul, that happen because volunteers make them happen. Whilst our professional staff do a wonderful job, the volunteers contribute in so many ways.

If there’s something you’d like to do that isn’t on the list below, we’d love to hear about it, and talk to Jo or email our

 You can join the security rota
Lead children services
Plan events
Help set up a film club
Help with services  (Wardens)
Help build the shul’s succah
Cooking Club
Visit members in their homes  (Welfare)
Offer hospitality for Friday night or chagim  (Welfare)
Call members after a bereavement  (Welfare)
Shop for members   (Welfare)
Come to our cooking club
Help at the Trustle Trust food bank
Help on Mitzvah Day
 Join the kiddish rota
Help show local school children around the shul on tours

Or devise your own event or project  – just talk to Beth or the Rabbi who will help you put it on.

“I started leading visits of local schoolchildren to the synagogue as a way of helping to counter the negative impressions about Jews and Judaism that are out there in the press and (more recently) electronic media. It is very rewarding, after a session, to hear them say how much they have learned or how much they enjoyed it. And the positive comments of the teachers and accompanying adults are a further bonus.”

Anthony Sober- Shul volunteer