Muswell Hill Synagogue
Metzora + HaGadol 19/20 April 7.49pm 8.56pm

Food & Drink Policy

The Synagogue recognises the importance of healthy eating for all our community. What people eat plays a vital role in our happiness, health and development, as well as preventing health conditions. We regard communal meals as an integral part of community life; an opportunity for social, spiritual and nutritional nourishment. Being part of the wider Haringey community, we are committed to Haringey's Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2015-18


We aim to provide healthy, balanced and nutritious kosher food, which meets individual dietary needs as well as making a positive contribution to health.

We aim to keep in mind the ethical and ecological implications of our choices both of food and its packaging.

In line with Haringey’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy to reduce obesity, improve healthy life expectancy and improve mental health and well being we will:

Encourage the use of fresh produce, vegetables and fruit

Avoid large quantities of processed food, fat, sugar, salt and artificial additives, preservatives and colourings. This includes fizzy drinks and juice. Whilst we appreciate that there are many occasions where unhealthy food (e.g. doughnuts or honey cake) are traditionally eaten, we will also aim to offer a healthy alternative avoiding high sugar and salt levels. At events for children we strongly discourage the use of any fizzy drinks.

Avoid waste and over ordering food beyond the level of need. Where possible and practical, we will donate any extra food to our local soup kitchen or food bank.


Our kitchen is by default milky but may be converted to meaty by prior arrangement – a minimum two weeks’ notice will need to be given if this is required. We have a full Kashrut policy, which can be seen here.

Any person using the kitchen should make sure they are familiar with the policy.


We encourage members to advise us, via the shul office, of any dietary needs, including allergies.

It is the responsibility of members to advise the Synagogue if they are vegetarian, vegan or have an allergy. This must be done in advance of an event so that food can be provided accordingly.

We won’t use nuts in any products at shul events but cannot make any guarantees regarding the presence of nuts or products containing nuts in the building.