Muswell Hill Synagogue
Emor 17/18 May 8.35pm 9.49pm

Talmud class

Learn and debate Talmud with Rabbi David in a friendly environment

Talmud Class has changed time!

Rabbi David’s Talmud Class has now moved to Tuesday nights at 8.30pm hosted in different people’s homes. It is a great combination of textual learning and Talmudic discussion where all who attend have their say and even a sip of whisky.

The Rabbi sees it as a priority for people to be involved in the discussions, and so he reads and translates the Talmud for those who attend. So do come along and try it out, even if you are a beginner at Talmud.

The Rabbi would be more than happy for you to join the Talmud Class via Skype. Please do be in touch with him if you would be interested.

For details of the next Talmud Class please look at the Calendar of Events