Muswell Hill Synagogue
Vayetze 24 November 2017 3.46pm 4.52pm
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Shavuot – 3 Minute Torah TED’s

Torah, Education, Discussion

A reframe of the famous TED format – but a fascinating possibility for this Shavuot. Come along on first night Shavuot for 9.45pm and present a 3 minute nugget on one of the parshiyot (or sidrot) of the Torah. Introduce the parasha with a minute overview and then give us a two minute idea drawn from the parasha.  We will begin with Bereishit and then move through all the parshiyot in order until Vezot HaBracha.  You could choose your barmitzvah or batmitzvah parasha.  If you did not have a barmitzvah, maybe choose the parasha that would have been – I would be happy to help working that out.

The first night Shavuot is on Tuesday night June 3rd. We will start at 9.45pm and then finish at about 12.30am with a 15minute break in the middle. There will be hot and cold drinks and refreshments including cheesecake of course.

If you would like to prepare a 3 minute TED please email  as soon as possible with the parasha that you would like to choose and I will keep a record of all entries.

Come along and be involved and let’s complete the Torah on Shavuot night!