Muswell Hill Synagogue
Ki Tissa 1/2 March 5.26pm 6.29pm

A wonderful afternoon with our oldest member and a reassurance about waste.

Dear members,

We’ve just spent the most wonderful afternoon enjoying tea, home made cake and scones with some of our senior members including our very oldest member 101 year old David Carroll.

It was a lovely afternoon made possible by our wonderful Community Events Liaison Beth Franks and our incredibly caring welfare coordinator Beverly as well as a team of volunteer bakers, drivers and those who came to chat to and serve the guests – a great team in all.

David was delighted to visit the seat he aways sat in, in front of our current warden Neil Cohen who went to visit it with him.

And everyone enjoyed the entertainment.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to reassure members, some of whom I know are concerned about waste at Shul events that this is something that is not taken lightly by the Shul council. It’s an issue we’ve discussed at length and have taken a lot of time and effort to incorporate into our new eco policy

We are very clear that there is a recommended list of what to buy and in what quantity. It’s lovely that so many members invite us all to share their beautiful simchas and so generously provide a wonderful kiddush for us all and their guests, for many of whom this is their lunch. If there is any waste the host family are asked to take it away after Shabbat and to use it however they choose, between that and it being used for other upcoming Shul events on the same or next day, there is very little waste.

I’m afraid we have asked the food bank and the local soup kitchen if they can use any leftovers but both have told us they can’t for health and safety reasons. Thank you as ever for your concern, but rest assured, as little as possible is wasted.