Muswell Hill Synagogue
Korach 11/12 June 9.03pm 10.23pm
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Nearly Shabbat on the Hill – Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown  worked in the film and TV industry for over thirty five years. Starting as a runner in Paris, he then worked as an assistant director, eventually achieving his aim to direct, after a postgrad diploma in Film at Goldsmiths in the late eighties. His feature film adaptation of John Banville’s novel, THE SEA, starring Ciarán Hinds and Charlotte Rampling was released in 2014. With this film about the impact of loss, grew an interest in counselling and psychotherapy as a new career path. He qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist at Birkbeck in 2019 and has since combined work in both film and psychotherapy. Day-to-day finds him counselling for University of the Arts and Chai, and doing psychotherapy in private practice and in the NHS. Film work includes making a documentary for the BBC called CANVEY THE PROMISED ISLAND and, most recently, a series of seven films for the charity Solutions Not Sides.

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