Muswell Hill Synagogue
Behar 24/25 May 2019 8.44pm 10.01pm


  • The Dignity of Difference

    So yes, you will have noticed that the title of my piece this Rosh Hashanah is using the title of one of the most well known books that was written by Chief Rabbi Sacks in 2001. And there is good reason for this too. Rabbi Sacks really had a positive influence on the way I think as a religious Jew – and this book, and even more specifically Chapter 3 were of massive importance. The words that Rabbi Sacks wrote were to be honest liberating. Our specific mission was to be different, and to teach all other people about the dignity of being different. Our religious reality was not one that was an exclusive one – one was not only… read more
  • Kol Nidrei Sermon 5773

    I would like to open my sermon tonight by asking for forgiveness from those amongst you who may feel wronged by me. There may be different reasons for this feeling, but I respect its possibility and am sorry for any mistakes I may have made – I am who I am and am aware that not everyone is able to tolerate every style of Rabbi. I will say extremely clearly however that in all I do, I have the interests of our community in my mind always – a community that I have so much good feeling and respect for. A community that I have celebrated with and a community that I have mourned deeply with. A community that challenges… read more
  • Rosh Hashana Sermon Day 2 5773

    I would like to tell you all about a love of mine. A love maybe not as strong as that for my wife, my children, my parents. But a love that is strong nevertheless. It is a love that can give me immense joy, it is a love that can give me sadness and mourning. It is a love that can give me longing. It is the love for the Land of Israel. I lived there for seven years, was married there, studied there. I had the merit to visit many of the holy places of the land of Israel. And I along with Elisheva suffered also for the death of those who lived in the Land. It is a… read more
  • Rosh Hashana Sermon Day 1 5773

    The vulnerability of life and how we deal with it – do we actually feel the vulnerability or do we shield ourselves from this – if we shield ourselves from this what consequences do that have for us – if we do not shield ourselves how does that make us feel – how can we deal with those feelings and if we do deal with them where do we end up. The effect of the ego on all this – humility. I want to take you all back to 2000. I had just finished praying the evening service at the end of the second day of Rosh Hashana in my yeshiva. My yeshiva was in a town called Efrat, in… read more
  • What is Tashlich

    Why do we say Tashlich on Rosh Hashana? A video for the United Synagogue’s You tube channel about Tashlich.… read more